Project Pie, Make your Own Pizza

A great way to start off this blog is to share with you one of the trending restaurants this year. It’s no other than Project Pie, your “Everyday Artisan Pizza Custom Built by You”. 

Artisan basically refers to making something by hand, so the first thing that would pop up, would be hand made pizza. Well, here in Project Pie, instead of your usual hand tossed pizza, the dough is pressed in a machine that magically makes a perfect round shaped pizza base. Then everything else is done by hand.

Pizza is one of our favorites but pineapple as a topping is a no! no! but we can’t be picky if we’re sharing it with others. So the only option is to remove it and pile it in one side of the plate (we know some of you can relate). 

Here at Project Pie, we feel it’s every kids and kids at heart dream to get the pizza with the toppings that they want. What’s even more amazing, is that you can request them to have one side of the pizza dough with toppings of your choice then the other half another set of toppings and voila! everybody happy! 

Our personal favorite is a white sauce (which is basically an olive oil base), all meat (except anchovies and chicken) and all cheese (double on the bleu cheese), mushrooms, caramelized onions and a touch of rosemary.

Since it’s a new restaurant, the line does get pretty long and you wonder if it’s worth the wait. For us, it was definitely worth it all. Besides, the service seemed pretty fast and organized.

Just like most of the coffee shops around town, they would ask for your name, write it on this big sheet of paper and call out your name once its ready. 

They also offer a variety of drinks, from refreshing sodas from the self service soda dispensers to a bottle of ice cold beer.

Make your Own Pizza – Php285

After a few minutes of waiting, our pizza arrived and every last bit was absolutely delicious. To list down a few of what was on our pizza:

Meat: Italian sausage, Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, prosciutto and crumbled meatballs
Cheese: Bleu cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan, bleu cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella. Oh did we mention bleu cheese? haha

Banana Nutella Php195

Then, dinner is never really complete without dessert and so we decided to try their Banana Nutella. The verdict.. meh..we’ll stick with the pizza instead. It was a little to plain and had too little toppings.

Other than the amazing food, the place really looks hip and artsy fartsy. The walls were scribbled with famous sayings from famous people. Even the trash bin and tray holder had some fancy directions that can really get your attention and overall they have seating areas from couches to high bar stools.

Overall, this is one pizza place that we really enjoyed and would surely come back, to try other combinations. Don’t worry though, if it’s your first time and feel like its gonna be a very tough decision to choose from the overwhelming  array of toppings, then opt for their set menu instead and from their start to be a little adventurous! 😀


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