Mad Mark’s Creamery & Good Eats

Just recently, we’ve seen our friends checking in at Mad Mark’s, which seems to be another restaurant that people rave about. One thing that we love is steaks.  It’s one of the few reasons why we just had to try and jump on the bandwagon as well!

Upon doing a little research, their first branch is located in Kapitolyo and recently opened one in Glorietta 5. It’s said to be a “hole in the wall” type of restaurant, but we guess that changed when they opened a second branch and that only means, the business is doing pretty well. So one fine day, we randomly decided to have lunch at Mad Mark’s at Glorietta 5 since it’s the closest from work. 

If you’re familiar with Glorietta 5, then finding Mad Mark’s is easy, it’s located at the second floor beside Kapow, a superhero collection store (t’s hard to miss!).

As mentioned, we’re here for the steaks and here at Mad Mark’s you get to decide how you want your steak (hmm it seems like we have a thing for make your own food :D). 

So how does this “make it your own” steak work? First step choose your dish; we decided to go for the FEAST, which is already good for sharing and came with three sides of your choice. Then next, how would you want your steaks to be cooked; we opted for MEDIUM DONE (I like it well done, he likes medium rare, so we met half way :D). 

After, you’d choose from a list of sauces. We played it safe and had what most customers ordered, which is the BOOTSTRAP sauce. Last but not the least are the sides to go with it. We love our steaks with mashed potato so, we had two of those and our third was shredded corn.

FEAST Signature Steak (with 3 side dishes) – Php460
The verdict? not bad at all, it’s actually delicious, the steak was juicy and just cuts through the knife. As for the sides our personal favorite is the mashed potato and the corn was great as well.

Other than their steaks, they also served sandwiches and salads, which is reserved for another day :D.

We know what some of you are thinking, wine? in the middle of the day? nah! That’s just plain water in a fancy wine bottle.

Half Baked Madagascar Php85

The steaks were definitely awesome but Mad Mark’s is said to be famous for their ice cream and so we just had try their best seller, which is their Half Baked Madagascar ice cream. Half baked? hmm they bake the ice cream? what? seriously? thats just amazing! ok, kidding aside, the half baked part is actually cookie dough haha and the Madagascar was vanilla flavored ice cream. The taste is completely different from the usual ice creams we’ve already tried. The combination of the cookie dough and vanilla ice cream was just beyond our taste buds. It reminds us of the Bailey’s ice cream.

The place is a little cramped up though, so imagine the area during rush hour and we were worried that our food might take long to be prepared due to the number of customers pouring in but to our surprise the service was pretty fast but still a little cramped up. 

Overall, the food was great, the place was a little cramped up, service was swift. Would we go back? definitely, especially for their ice cream. Maybe just a little more improvement in the dining area to allow customers to have a little more breathing space. 


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