Macklemore and Ryan Lewis live in Manila

Grammy award winning hip hop/rapper duo, Macklemore and RyanLewis hit the SM Arena stage last March 16, 2014 and gave a hell of a performance to the Filipino fans.

As for us, we weren’t that familiar with the dynamic duo but since we had free tickets and it was a Sunday with no plans, we decided to go. It was our first time to hear of the tandem probably because we aren’t much fans of rap songs but unconsciously, we do actually know and enjoy it after hearing a couple of their hit songs during the concert.

Before the main event started, there was an opening act from local performers, “Those Damn Nerds” and DJ Mars Miranda who hit the stage with their rad set of party vibes and dance beats.

After the local acts, Filipino American rappers, Prometheus Brown and Bambu Despitola (The Bar) also hit the stage and hyped up the crowd with their upbeat tunes. Everyone started cheering as the rappers introduced Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, as the rappers announced (or as we remember) “Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will not come out unless everyone is hyped up!” Fans screamed at the top of their lungs with excitement.

Cheers and screams were heard from every corner of the arena as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis entered the stage floor, just about to perform their first song, “Manila, welcome…” can’t remember what came next in Macklemore’s sentence as we were all hyped up with the opening performance.

We had patron seats, situated at the side of the stage, which was a good thing, although the mosh pit section was way better, just not for me, who could easily be swallowed by the crowd! Haha. Two big screens were set up on both sides and one huge screen in the middle flashing the performer’s music videos.

During every after a performance, he would tell a little piece of his life story and one of it is when he mentioned to the crowd that it wasn’t his first time here. The first time was when he wasn’t in school and randomly decided to to travel to the Philippines and he never thought that the second time around would be him in front of the Filipino crowd performing his hit songs.

He admitted that there was a moment in his life where he had alcohol and drug issues; went to rehab to get well and unfortunately, did end up broke and lived with his parents. He mentioned, “I was 25 and living under my parents roof, how embarrassing is that”. Well, for us Filipinos it isn’t really haha.

Macklemore also narrated how he first started and it all began in MySpace, the Facebook back then. He came across Ryan Lewis and on his page were a list of his upbeat tunes. Then from one beat to another, Macklemore told to himself, “This has potential” and that was where stardom began, from listening the Ryan Lewis’ beats to practicing in the basement up to becoming award winning hip hop duos and touring in different countries.

We were expecting him to jump on the crowd, and he did! Though we think he fell or they couldn’t lift him so he ended up back on the stage haha! The crowd in the moshpit section should have prepared for it, its once in a lifetime opportunity haha!

Before the last performance, he thank the whole crew, the band members, back up dancers and most especially Ryan Lewis. He also gave a big thank you to  Prometheus Brown and Bambu Despitola because they were also a big part of his successful career.

Overall, the show was awesome, some of the songs they performed were The Thrift Shop, White Walls, Can’t Hold Us, all from the album, The Heist. We didn’t expect to be hyped up during the show but just like the roaring fans in the crowd, we sang along and had a great night, really worth watching. It wasn’t just the performance, it was Macklemore himself, showing so much support to the LGBT and same sex marriage and having so much dedication to succeed in his career, his passion. 

“BEST F*****G TOUR!!” 
oh yeah, you got that right Macklemore!:D He even mentioned quite a few times that the Filipino crowd was the wildest.


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