Wrong Ramen: Not Your Typical Bowl of Soup

So, what’s wrong with the ramen at this joint? Well, come and find out!

Wrong Ramen simply serves good food to eat on a dreary day or any other day actually. Ever since we heard of the place, we were curious why it was given that name and what makes it unique from all the other ramen houses out in the metro. The first thing we heard was BACON, ok! thats totally absurd to find in a bowl of hot ramen soup! Just kidding, besides bacon is the real deal, it taste great with anything. If bacon can be partnered with vanilla ice cream then why not ramen, though we didn’t get the chance to try it out.

What we did try out is the Tonkatsu Ramen, which had a rich milky broth with thin slices of pork. The broth is actually boiled with different pig parts as well as chicken, fish and loads of seasoning. All that was packed in one bowl good enough to be shared actually and  all the combination of the meat and seasoning can really be tasted with every sip. 

Tonkatsu (Rich) Php395

We had no idea how it tasted, so we thought of adding something to it, thinking it would give it more kick or add an additional flavor to our bowl of ramen and decided to order bacon bits. That was one bad move, or it simply didn’t work, the additional bacon bits didn’t make it more special, it tasted just the same with or without it.

The owners of the restaurant must be bacon lovers, because they not only serve ramen with bacon, included it as an additional serving but they also serve the famous Japanese Katsu dish with bacon in it and cheese. That was certainly one heavy meat entree and the taste, well a couple of bites where delicious but it tends to get a little overpowering to the taste buds. 

Bacon and Cheese Katsu Php265

Then last but not the least, to complete our rich, scrumptious and heartwarming meal, we decided to order dessert. Not just because we have a sweet tooth but we were curious on how poop taste like(metaphorically speaking). Poop? eww poop of the gods? hmm interesting! That really grabbed our attention and gave us a few laughs about it.

Poop of the Gods dessert is a rich and creamy Belgian Chocolate with a mixture of sea salt crystals immersed in olive oil, which melts in your mouth and absolutely taste divine. It’s not overly sweet as the salt counteracts the taste and surprisingly, it taste delicious with the olive oil combined.

Poop for the Gods Php 125

The restaurant itself, was a little cramped up, though I think that was the aim. Mostly, the tables were set for two and can accommodate up to four. Then they also had high top tables good for three, with one side having a divider.

Overall, the ramen and the other entrees were certainly not your typical bowl of Japanese cuisine and if your the type that’s not scared to try out a little extra grease in their food and try something totally different, then Wrong Ramen is one crazy restaurant innovation that everyone should try.
Check out their page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WrongRamen

Address: The Burgos Circle,Forbestown Rd, Taguig City
Phone:(02) 823 8249


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