8 Cuts Burger Blends

Other than our favorite hunt for the best steaks in town, we also crave for burgers from time to time and we came across one of the newest hang out places along Katipunan area called UP Town Center. The place has a lot of new food finds, some of which we were familiar and to name a few, iHOP and Vanilla Cupcakes were some of the joints that we’ve already tried. So for food junkies out there, this is a great place to check out.

8 Cuts Burger Blend was pretty new to our taste buds and it looked like they served some awesome burgers. 

If it’s your first time just like us, then you would be wondering, why 8 cuts? 

When we arrived at 8 Cuts, the place wasn’t as jam-packed as we expected, which is a good thing because we were able to find a spot right away. Though, the weather that day was pretty hot and the kitchen was right next to the dining area, making it hard to find a fairly cool spot, but nevertheless we just had to satisfy our burger cravings. The heat was just so intense that the sign board outside started to flame up. Luckily, the crew was able to react fast to the incident and went straight to the customers  to assist them. 

The interiors of the restaurant looks like an art gallery with an american diner feel to it. So your probably still wondering, what about the 8 Cuts? It’s actually the different meat, or rather the beef cuts that are used to make the burger patties:


Ok! So, we listed the different cuts but what does it mean or what is the difference? Well, the menu is set like a magazine style and it will actually show you the differences and it also illustrates what part of the cow these cuts are taken from.
Enough of the lecture on meat parts! time to go straight to the food and first on our list was to try their onion rings and guess what! There appetizer already set the bar high as they were something that we didn’t expect. Usually, when it comes to onion rings, its something that we love but it’s just plain sliced onions with some batter.  A great basket of onion rings should be crispy on the outside and a sweet touch of the onion in the inside. What sets them apart from the usual onion rings is the seasoning. Even without the dip it tasted great on its own.

Onion Rings (Php65.00)

 The intense hot and humid weather made it just right to have a glass of bottomless iced tea. 

  Iced Tea Bottomless (Php95.00)

Now straight to the main agenda, BURGERS!! First up was Tim’s order, a Bleu Burger, a quarter pounder patty blended with a sirloin and chuck cuts and of course as the name of the burger says, bleu cheese sauce, which has a creamy and tangy taste to it. Bet your wondering what those long thin greens covered in batter is, well its veggies duh! haha its leeks and a couple other ingredients like more bleu and caramelized onions.

Bleu Burger (Php245.00)

A burger is never complete without a side of fries and to beat the heat, a cold, tall glass of delicious shake makes it complete. 8 Cuts provides an option to have an add-on, which makes it cheaper than buying it separately. 

Was it worth the add-on? The fries was a let down, nothing special to it. Though, they do have options to have toppings on the fries, probably that would give it a little kick to it.


As for the Salted Caramel Shake, it was a sure hit for us. It was creamy, salty and sweet and really refreshing.

 Shaker Box Classic – Salted Caramel Shake (Php125.00)
Next, I ordered the Four Cheese Burger, a parmesan quarter pounder patty with a blend of  chuck and short rib cuts, with yellow cheddar, aged gruyere, mozzarella and also with arugula, which had quite a bitter taste to it. My first impression was like, wow, it has egg! Then as i sliced it, I convinced myself that it was egg, then I got confused, I started searching for the cheese. Where is the cheese!!?? hahaha i mistook the cheese on top of the patty as egg. Even Tim was fooled for a moment hahaha! We had a good laugh, good one 8 cuts! hahaha

 Four Cheese Burger (Php245.00)
Burgers are also great with a cold glass of booze and guess what! 8 Cuts offers unlimited booze! Of course, that’s during happy hour at around 5pm when the sun’s about to say goodnight world!

Overall, we enjoyed our burgers along with the sides and drinks. The price is a little steep but the food was delicious and having a view of the kitchen and the crew hard at work making those juicy patties is a great experience. You can practically see them make the patties from scratch and as they claim, all their meat is pure beef. The service was also superb, the crew attended to our needs and service was spot on. 😀 

So what are you waiting for? Go and “Meat their Blends” 😀

Location: UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
Contact Information: 09178182139; (02)9552264

Twitter: 8cutsburger
Instagram: 8cutsburgerblends


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