City Food Picks: Robinson’s Magnolia Food Court

The mall is the best place to find all your needs even the needs of a hungry stomach!

Usually, mall are jam packed with shoppers who would always want to grab a bite either on the go or just to relax and enjoy a good meal. A mall will always have those fancy restaurants to fast food chains and of course a food court where you have a huge variety of food finds to eat.

The food court at the Robinson’s mall  has a lot of great food stalls that seemingly cater for those that are health conscious. On the other side, the food court would usually be a table after another but fortunately, they provide a spacious environment for their customers. Plus, the stalls have this spacious ambiance that gives a lot of breathing space compared to other food courts at other malls, where all the stalls are right next to each other.

During the food tour hosted by RJ Ledesma and Anton Diaz (co-founders of Mercato Centrale and owner of Our Awesome Planet blog site) that we attended we were able to try out a couple of the establishments at the food courts, which some where quite familiar to our taste buds.

C’verde by The Big Chill
Website: http://www.bigchill.com.ph/index.php?mod=affiliates

C’Verde by The Big Chill

First stop was at C’Verde by the Big Chill. They offer a variety of fresh shakes and juices and healthy sandwiches, pasta and burgers. C’Verde prepared for us a Bean and Cheese Taquito. At first i didn’t want to try it out because its beans and i really don’t like the rough texture it gives in the mouth but i still tried it and wow! that change my perspective about beans. Even Tim enjoyed it and decided to get a few more and to think of it, it would probably go well with a bottle of beer haha.
Bean and Cheese Taquitos



Next stop was at Ziglas, another food stall that offers fresh and healthy meals. They also offer juices, which are actually a new food fad that considers to help remove the toxins in your body. 
Everything was happening all so fast, I can’t exactly remember the sandwich they made us try and all I can say that it was really for who are on a diet. 

Pad Thai and More

The tour was like the Amazing Race, moving from one food stall to another. If it was a race, I would have been the last one to reach the finish line! hahaha. The next stop was at Pad Thai and More a food joint that serves affordable thai cuisine and what they offered us was the cities famous Pad Thai.

Pad Thai is the counter part of pandit for us Filipinos. To my knowledge, Pad Thai should be spicy and that was lacking in the plate of Pad Thai served to us but overall, if you like to try Thai Cuisine then Pad Thai and More is worth the try. My guess is, they skipped the spiciness to give way to other bloggers that were not fond of spicy food.

House of Silvanas

House of Silvanas Bakeshop

After a taste of healthy snacks and a foreign cuisine the next stop was my favorite, DESSERTS! We stopped over at the House of Silvanas Bakeshop. They offer a variety of delicious sweet treats but their more known for their Silvanas. Silvanas is a sweet buttery treat that’s similar to Sansrival but it has a more softer and crumbly texture to it. 

Assorted Silvanas

Other than the original Silvanas they also offer an assortment of flavored Silvanas. Tim and I tried out their Mango and Chocolate flavor.

Villa Del Conte
Villa Del Conte

Another stop during the tour that made me drool was CHOCOLATES! at Villa Del Conte. A brief background, Villa Del Conte is actually a rural town in Padova, Italy. So, Italy isn’t just well renowned for their hand tossed pizzas or home made pasta. They also have amazingly luscious chocolates, which you can buy here at Villa Del conte. 

If you see the chocolates offered, they all look the same but they actually have a different flavors and we tried out their Praline Sticks in Milk Chocolate with Watermelon cream filling. If someone ever made me taste this with my eyes blind folded, I’d say that it was watermelon dipped in chocolate. The taste of the watermelon was that distinct and the chocolate was absolutely creamy and sweet enough.

After having a taste of the chocolates, we were all given a box of assorted chocolate goodies and I don’t really know the flavors of each chocolate inside the box. All I know it was addictive. 😀

Overall, these were a couple of the food stalls that we had the chance to try out and its great that Robinson’s Corporation ventured to have affordable meals and at the same quite healthy. Of course, not all stalls offered meals that had a calorie count to it, some still offered good home cooked meals and those delicious greasy fries and burgers to satisfy one’s cravings. 


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