The Clubhouse

Our philosophy is to serve simple yet deliciously memorable food that spans various cuisines. We call it modern comfort food. – The Clubhouse

Last May 13, 2014, we were invited to join a food tour hosted by RJ Ledesma and Anton Diaz, the brains behind Mercato Centrale Group and Our Awesome Planet.
One of the restaurants featured in the tour was The Clubhouse, which is located at Robinsons mall’s upper ground level. The first thing that pops up in my mind were sandwiches! They do serve sandwiches but other than that, they have a set of all day breakfast meals and a variety of other cuisines, ranging from the classic Pinoy meals and incorporating other dishes from around the world that is already a familiar taste to the community. The interiors of The Clubhouse surely provides a homey environment that’s great for family bonding or catching up with friends, while enjoying a delicious meal cooked from the heart.

Tuyo Rice Bowl – Php 185 

Just by looking at the food that was served to us, it surely looked like a meal that I would want to have first thing in the morning. I’m more of a breakfast person, as for Tim, he prefers dinner and when you say dinner, its t-bone steak, porterhouse steak, pork steak, beef steak, burger steak, all kinds of steak, you name it. 

Vigan Longganisa Hash – Php 225 

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any of those but they do have other meat alternatives such as their Vigan Longganisa Hash, which at first glance looks like corned beef. It’s served with fried rice and a two sunny side egg.

Hungarian Sausage and Eggs 

The also serve Hungarian sausages with a creamy scrambled egg, just the way I like it, not too dry nor too watery.

After we took pictures of the food, we tested some of it. Though, I wanted to talk one of the owners, Sharlene Tan, of the background and how she and her friends came up with the idea and why did they decide to put up a restaurant at Robinsons Magnolia. To think of it, it’s quite far from the usual hangout spots that most people go to like The Fort, Ortigas or Makati but then there are a pretty much a lot of people also who lives at the north side area. 

While everyone enjoyed the food served, I ended up just getting to know more about the restaurant from one of the owners. The idea of putting up a business at Robinsons Magnolia was that she and her friends lived around the vicinity and came the idea to put up The Clubhouse. They certainly put their passion for cooking into the food that they serve.

The only entree that i was able to really taste was their Truffle Mushroom Scramble and I wished I didn’t have to share it with anyone! hahaha At times mushrooms and truffles can be very strong to the taste, usually leaving an after taste but for this specific dish, the truffles and mushroom mixed in with the egg had enough flavors to satisfy your taste buds. It was served with fresh veggies and a croissant, which is actually quite unusual to be served as a sides for a dish but certainly a great combination. 

Truffle Mushroom Scramble

Location: Upper ground level, Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City
Hours: 10am – 10pm
Phone: (02) 442 5571


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