Yohel’s Bagnet Station

So who is Yohel? Is he the chef who makes delicious Bagnet dishes? or is he the owner of Yohel’s Bagnet station?

Yohel is actually a cute little kid, the son of Yohel’s Bagnet Station owner’s Karen and Joel de Mesa, the creators behind the delicious Bagnet served in this little station tucked in the vicinity of Marikina. Too bad we couldn’t get a picture taken with him, he was too shy hehe.

Yohel’s Bagnet Station was fairly new to us and we were gladly invited by Karl of Turista Trails to try out the food served here and as you can see, they serve bagnet and not just the original kind of bagnet but served as the main ingredient in some of the popular homemade Filipino dishes. We were also joined by Icah and her boyfriend co-blogger as well, check out her experience of Yohel’s Bagnet Station on her blog as well.
While waiting for the main dishes we were served with almost everyone’s favorite appetizer, or more like a snack, the Manggang Hilaw with Bagoong. They’d usually say not to eat it on an empty stomach but we just had to dig in. What makes a good Manggang Hilaw with bagoong is the bagoong itself, it should be made with the right balance of acidity, sweetness and saltiness so no matter how sour the green mango gets its still makes it delicious to eat.

Mangga Hilaw with Bagoong – Php55.00
Bagnet Curry – Php200.00

As we were enjoying our appetizer we were served with the first Bagnet dish, Bagnet Curry. We’ve only tried curry with chicken and to have a diverse kind of dish where they used fried crispy pork belly is interesting. At first I thought the flavors of the curry wouldn’t seep through the meat but then the curry itself was flavorful making the whole dish delicious to eat.

Bagnet Paksiw – Php200.00
Next dish was the Bangnet Paksiw, my personal favorite. At first glance it looked like adobo and the taste was near to the taste of Adobo. I was actually on the right track as the owner mentioned that it was a dish with an adobo twist to it.

Kare Kare Bagnet – Php230.00

As for Tim’s favorite, it was the Kare Kare Bagnet. Probably some would relate, when it comes to Kare Kare dishes, you’d flood your plate of rice with the sauce and add a few of the veggies and a dash of bagoong but thanks to Yohel, we can enjoy Kare Kare with fried pork that we are mostly accustomed too, yay to that! 😀

Sinigang na Bagnet – Php250.00

They also served Sinigang na bagnet and another dish delicious and instead of having the typical boiled or steamed or how ever the meat in sinigang is made and replacing it fried pork belly was very appetizing.

Those were some of the delicious dishes that were served to us and after a scrumptious dinner we were served with Yohel’s favorite Sundae. I thought I had the opportunity to talk to Yohel and interview him kids style haha. I tried to bribe him with his favorite ice cream but it didn’t work haha.

During the food event we also got to sing our hearts out, oh and I tried to sing, good thing it didn’t rain but it probably scared the other customers haha.

Other than what we were served, they also offered the original recipe of Bagnet, Sisig Bagnet and whole lot more. Check out their menu below.

Soon they’ll be revamping the place to give a different ambiance to their customers. Plus, they’ll be experimenting with new dishes, some of which we could say a healthy kind but with a little tempting taste of the bagnet such as bagnet salad and probably even pasta.

Overall, the business is a family operated business. The cook is the mother of Karen de Mesa, and the servers are family members and friends as well. They’ll be expanding soon in Makati area and they are scouting for a great place to put up another branch. 

Address: No. 59-A Katipunan St. Concepcion Uno, 1807 Marikina City
Mobile Number: 0918 472 4585

4 comments on “Yohel’s Bagnet Station

  1. Karl Ace
    June 23, 2014

    Panalo 'yung paksiw and sinigang nila!

  2. theskychick
    June 24, 2014

    Nice pics.!

  3. whenworldscollideph
    June 24, 2014

    Paksiw the best talaga! 😀 just saying it makes us crave for it! haha

  4. Julianne Caparos
    June 24, 2014

    Thanks skychick! 😀 see you again soon 😀 food trip ili! 🙂

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