Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza


As the name says it, Gino offers pizza that’s hand kneaded and cooked in a very hot brick oven. We love to watch cooking shows and we’ve come across a lot about cooking pizza’s in bricked oven’s and the difference between that and an ordinary oven is the style of cooking. Bricked oven’s are fired up with logs of wood that I think gives that earthy taste to the pizza and reaches a very high temperature inside the customised oven, allowing the dough to cook in less than 5 minutes. I bet that’s how they cook their pizza’s as well but it’s the taste that’s more important so let me share a little of what we’ve tried at this quaint little pizzeria.


Gino’s isn’t just famous for their pizza, they also offer pasta, salad  and a variety of cheeses for their appetizers. It was my mom’s birthday so Tim and I decided to treat her out and gave my brother to choose a place to eat and the only condition I had, was to select a place that was affordable haha. Knowing my brother, he liked restos that serve unusual dishes and Gino surely offered that on their dessert menu (I’ll get to that at the end).


Ricotta with Fried Bread (Php 280.00)

For our appetizers, we tried out their Ricotta with Fried Bread. The bread was topped with the creamy Ricotta cheese, drizzled it with a little of their spicy honey to give it a little sweetness and served with a side of arugula leaves. The honey lessened the leafy taste of the arugula and overall the dish was light and fresh to the taste.


Pesto Pasta (Php175.00)

After our scrumptious appetizer, we ordered Pesto Pasta and Classic Carbonara. The Carbonara was our favourite; it was creamy, flavourful and bacony, ok, made up that word, but when it comes to bacon, that’s the best way to describe it, the bacon had enough saltiness to balance off the creaminess of the sauce and gives a little texture to it as well.

The Pesto Pasta was a different story. The dish was served liked Lasagna and its the first time we’ve ever tried a pesto pasta dish served this way. It wasn’t the best pesto that we’ve tried, probably because the pasta used didn’t blend well with an oil based sauce.


Classic Carbonara Pasta (Php 180.00)


SMEGG (Php 370.00)

While enjoying our order of pasta dishes, we were served with our pizza. When it comes to pizza, we  would always order one safe, which means, a pizza with familiar ingredients such as tomato sauce, cheese and sometimes with slices of pepperoni and for the second, we would order something we’ve never tasted so far.

For our safe choice, we ordered their Margherita Pizza. First of all, I’d say bricked oven cooked pizza is absolutely delicious and now it makes us want to go to Italy and try authentic pizza! Plain tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese topped over the soft and at the same time crusty dough was awesome. Plus, it’s a great choice when you have kids around coz it doesn’t have the ingredients that they would usually pick out of the pizza (been there, done that lol!).

Our second pizza order, we had the restos bestseller, SMEGG. The dough was topped with pieces of homemade sausages, mushrooms, egg and gouda cheese. It was a must try dish as well.


Margherita Pizza (Php 280.00)

Next, our favourite part of any meal, DESSERT! Just as I mentioned, Gino’s seemed to serve quite an unusual list of desserts, to name a few, they served Choco Chicharon,  real crispy pork skin covered in chocolate and they also have Choco Salami. Choco Chicharon, would be something that I’d try but Salami with Chocolate, that’s pretty weird haha but who know’s it might actually be interestingly delicious.

Being Nutella lovers, we decided to try out their Nutella Soup and picturing the dish, I was expecting it to be soupy haha. The dessert was a bowl of pizza dough with Nutella and bits of nuts in it. It wasn’t anything special though but then it was delicious, Nutella goes great with almost anything in my opinion. The Nutella had a buttery taste to it, making it blend well with the soft and crusty dough.

IMG_6384-8Nutella Soup (Php 180.00)

Then last on our ordered list, we tried out another one of their bestsellers, a slice of Crack Pie. We were expecting it to be a regular sized slice piece of pie instead, it was tiny, around two to three bites. Though, I enjoyed this dessert the most because of its sweet caramel and flaky taste, if only it had a bigger serving!


Crack Pie (Php 50 per slice)

Overall, we enjoyed dining here at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza and the service was quick and awesome. They have a couple of branches around the metro already and the one we’ve tried is located along Katipunan Avenue. Most probably a restaurant packed with college students since it’s close to Miriam College and Ateneo de Manila.

Address: 2F 341 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights QC (above mercury drug), Quezon City, Philippines
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16 comments on “Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

  1. Gil Camporazo
    April 3, 2015

    The foods all look too tasty, yummy and delicious. I will spending Php1,515.00 if I want to try all those foods. Well, if I want it too probably it will take me a month. It really pays.

  2. R U S S
    April 3, 2015

    This is worth the drive from the South because everything looks delish! I’m definitely trying the Ricotta with Fried Bread and of course, the pizzas!

    • timjuls
      April 4, 2015

      There’s one in Makati much closer to the South. you should definitely give it a try 😀

  3. May De Jesus-Palacpac
    April 4, 2015

    I love brick pizzas! I can eat them all day. Sayang, QC is a bit too far for me. But if we ever find ourselves there, we’ll check this place out.

  4. Summer
    April 4, 2015

    Wow, I seldom see restos now that used the old way of cooking. You took the pictures so well that it makes me hungry. I’m a Carbonara lover too. Picking something safe, you have a point. I just don’t like the idea of eating the burnt sides.

  5. theresa
    April 4, 2015

    Wow! Everything look delicious. I hope I can visit those resto in the metro soon.

  6. Ayesha
    April 4, 2015

    Yay! Another place to visit this weekend 🙂 Lucky me coz this is near by my Aunt’s place. Now, I’m craving Pizza ^ ^ and I love that their prices are affordable. Can’t wait to try their pasta 🙂

    Thanks for sharing !

  7. Franc Ramon
    April 4, 2015

    Gino’s is my favorite pizza place and they have one near my office. You should try Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Bacon Gouda.

  8. Vanessa Ally
    April 4, 2015

    I have never seen anything like Nutella soup before so I would really like to try that sweet delight. I love the brick oven crispy pizzas, epecially the carbonara one. They look so mouth watering!

  9. andrew
    April 6, 2015

    damn!! (sorry for the word) i so love pizza!! must try this one too!! do they deliver??

    • timjuls
      April 6, 2015

      I think they do! I bet you and your kiddos would love them 🙂

  10. I’ve been hearing and reading about Gino’s Nutella Soup but I haven’t been there yet. Evrything looks delicious and now I’m craving for Margherita Pizza.

  11. April Perez
    April 8, 2015

    Do they have a branch somewhere in the South? Would love to visit and try out their pizza!

    • timjuls
      April 9, 2015

      The closest branch from the South is in Makati 😀

  12. Patty | MrsC
    April 9, 2015

    This is on top of my list of places to try, and I really can’t wait to go! My son and I both love pizza so we will enjoy for sure.

  13. Alvin
    April 22, 2015

    We haven’t been to Gino’s yet but it’s a restaurant we love to try.

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