About us

Hi, Tim and Juls Here!


Tim for Timothy Jezreel and Juls for Mary Precious Julianne, kinda long but that’s how it rolls. So to keep it simple, TIMJULS it is, thanks to one of our friends who decided to give us that name when it all started.

We met at work and we really had nothing in common… he was a boy, she was a girl, Can I make it anymore obvious? he was a punk, she did ballet (oops got carried away with Avril’s, Skater boy haha) Kidding aside, he’s a developer and she was a business analyst but at the end of the day are two bubbly and adventurous peeps.

We came up with When Worlds Collide because of our very interesting but totally different lives. To start off, he’s from the South and she’s from the East. He was a party boy, she was a travel bug but when we met we were like peanut butter and jam, perfect for each other. cheesyy! Sooo why not come up with a blog, photoblog? to document every memory that we have and share it to the world and who knows, might inspire others to do stuff that we love trying together.

Fun facts about TIMJULS:

TIM loves online games, JULS only loves Sims
Dogs are adorable but Chow Chows are the only dogs TIM considers legit haha
We are not professional writers or photographers so bare with our grammar mishaps and blurry photos 😀
Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Suits, Agents of SHIELD are our favorite series


One comment on “About us

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